Information is derived from various newpapers and web sites.  Any errors in the source content will obviously lead to an error in the information contained on this site.  The source content will be final unless documented information is available that contradicts the content of this site.

Data is only maintained while the school was a member of the Firelands Conference.  This includes team state championships, individual state champions, and All Ohio awards.

Individual sport information will be maintained as follows:
  • Golf - Conference tournament
  • Football - Game results
  • Cross Country - Conference tournament
  • Volleyball - Game results*
  • Basketball - Game results
  • Wrestling - Conference tournament
  • Baseball - Conference tournament (1961-1976)/Game results*
  • Softball - Game results*
  • Track - Conference tournament
*Final conference and season records only.  Coverage of individual games, in newspaper or other sources, is spotty at best.

State Champions and All Ohio

All state championship teams and individuals will be included.  All Ohio 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams will also be included.